These pages were created by students in the Anthropology Senior Seminar at Muhlenberg College during Spring 2018. You can view the introductory sections from 2016 and 2017. This year’s project focus a bit more broadly and encompass aspects of Allentown that are not directly related to the Iron Industry. Heather addresses the arrival of the silk industry in Allentown as an intentional replacement for the iron industry, which suffered due to the Panic of 1873. Sean examines how Harry Trexler created a “modern” version of Allentown, with a specific focus on the Eighth Street Bridge. Emma investigates the arrival of Jews in Allentown, their residential patterns and where they worked and owned businesses. Brock interrogates why strikes and unionizing were not major issues in the late 19th, even though they were elsewhere by comparing Allentown to Lattimer.