This website was produced by students and instructor in Senior Seminar in Anthropology at Muhlenberg College during the Spring 2016 Semester.

These include (in alphabetical order):
Macayla Baer- Sex Work
Edward Bavaria- Immigration
Sara Byron- Firefighting
Alison Elliot- Child Labor
Matt Goldberg- Railroads
Jenevieve Goldman- Divorce
Natalie Ihnat- Working Conditions in the Iron Mills
Emma Miller- Brewing in Allentown
Erin Moyer- Women’s Health
Liuba Seaboyer- Homeopathic Medicine
Aaron Schwartz- Housing

Dr. Ben Carter- Introduction, Background, Data.


The students would like to acknowledge and express appreciation to the following people, Jennifer Jarson (Social Sciences Subject Specialist, Trexler Library), Susan Falciani (Special Collections and Archives Librarian, Trexler Library), Doug Dinsmore (archaeologist and historical researcher), Frank Whelan (historian and reporter, WFMZ), and Jill Youngken (Assistant Director/Chief Curator/Director Library & Archives) and the rest of the crew at the Lehigh Valley Heritage Museum. Without their assistance, this work would not have been possible. We would like to thank each other for moral support throughout this arduous process! Although we could not complete this project without the assistance of these people, each individual author acknowledges and retains responsibility for their work.